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The United States Surfing Federation was formed in 1962. Paul West became the competition director for the USSF in 1998 After years of competitive surfing, he found himself on the promotional side of surfing. His experience with the contest scene is unparalleled. He has ran the surfing competition for the East Coast Surfing Championships – ECSC for the past 30 + years as well as several hundreds of other contest. One of the premier programs that Paul was instrumental in developing is the Super Groms. It began 15 years ago at ECSC with a “free” push and surf beginner level – introduction to surfing for kids 10 and under. Every participant received a t-shirt or lycra top, medal, lunch and it has grown to be an incredible popular community event. 6 years ago in Jacksonville Beach, Florida the program was established with the same principles. Introducing the sport to young kids and at the same time help develop self-esteem and confidence in kids. It is very successful and is run 3 times a summer and max’s out at 150 participants every event. It is widely supported and enjoys incredible media support. Another outstanding program that Paul and the USSF has developed is the Surf Warrior. It is a partnership with the Florida Surfing Association and the Wounded Warrior Project. It is now in it’s 4th year and has grown into a national program. Teaching veterans at the WWP how to surf and eventually compete in the ECSC. This program meets weekly during the summer in a variety of locations. Also, soliciting corporate donors this program has provided several surfboards and wetsuits to the veterans. The USSF was once the national governing body for the sport of surfing in the United States and now has progressed into an institutional and philanthropic organization, touching lives directly and impacting the sport of surfing at a grass roots level. If you would like more information or would like to become involved please contact us.